Volume 1 – Revised version now available!

As I mentioned in the last bit of the previous post, here we are with the improved version of Volume 1! I guess people really need to sleep sometimes, since there were quite a few typos/mispellings roaming around that I couldn’t catch during the editing process — hopefully most of them have been addressed and the whole reading experience should be a nice one. Link to the volume is always the same!

Change log:

  • Switched to smart quotation marks
  • Quite a few typos/mispelling addressed
  • Reworked some structures to avoid repetition where is not needed
  • Some adjustments concerning the placement of rogue paragraphs

The Legend of Rubiss Translation Project: Volume 1 available now!

Finally, a new journey begins!
I couldn’t wait to share the first step of this new adventure with the community and I was dead set on doing it on Dragon Quest Day, especially since we have the 35th anniversary celebration in full swing. As my work on Dragon Quest Rivals has mostly come to an end after two wonderful years, I had some free time on my hands but still the same, undying passion for the art of translation. This one is a project I always wanted to tackle, as the character of Rubiss fascinates me like few others in the series. Without dwelling too much on details, this is the first book of the three-volume novel that explores the origins of the goddess of the Dragon Quest universe, written by Saori Kumi and first published by Enix in 1990. I don’t think I have to mention this, but there were never plans to bring this to the West and probably never will be, hence why we are here on this lovely day. You can read and download the entire first book, fully translated in English, by following the link at the end of this article. Aside from the story itself, you will find some nice little extras like a new cover that was drawn specifically for this occasion, character profiles and a preface where I explain in a more detailed fashion everything you might want to know. The project is and will always be free to access for everyone, as I consider this my way of celebrating my favourite series with you all. Should you appreciate it so much that you want to show your support by either interacting with me or with a donation, the links for that are either on the sidebar or below, depending on your device. Lastly, I do apologize if some misprints in vocabulary or form still happen to be present: as I mentioned before, there was a bit of a self-imposed time constraint for a gargantuan amount of work and should it be necessary, I will definitely make a revised version available.

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed working on it!

Link to the first volume of the novel: