About me

Well, if you’re here you should already be aware that I love Dragon Quest. I served as the (un)official translator for Dragon Quest Rivals for more than two years, a game that will forever be in my heart. I also like to talk about interesting stuff concerning the localization of both main and spinoff titles for the series, as the study of languages and linguistics is a fundamental aspect of my personal life. For more on that, you can follow me on Twitter. My new project focuses on providing a complete, comprehensive and faithful English translation of the three-volume novel “The Legend of Rubiss” written by Saori Kumi and published by Enix in 1990. The story is centered around the character of Rubiss and follows the events that led her to become the goddess of the Dragon Quest universe: at the time of this writing, the first volume is already available for download. I hope you will accompany me on this incredible journey!